Supporting an intelligence-led approach to policing, security, and issue management.


Established in August 2001, the National Open Source Intelligence Centre (Australia) provides state and federal agencies with a dedicated open source Issue Monitoring, Research and Analytical Support capability.

NOSIC specialise in public order intelligence, transnational threat awareness and crime intelligence support.

NOSIC aims to provide Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on the identity, capability and intentions of organisations or individuals that engage in radical activism, criminal (terrorist) activity or unlawful behaviour motivated by politics, ethnicity, religion, radical dissension, hate or financial gain.

NOSIC also supports global business operations and seeks to provide those clients with a tailored service aimed at supporting and enhancing in-house security and emergency response capabilities. This extends to meeting upstream situational awareness needs whilst stimulating downstream operational security considerations.

Current National Terrorism Threat Level

NOSIC maintain a broad international focus whilst closely monitoring national and regional issues.

Our analysts manage issue and regional monitoring portfolios whilst also maintaining a broad cross-functional capability. They operate as if part of your internal staff providing a tactical monitoring and strategic research capability.

No information is collected unlawfully or obtained at its source by clandestine or covert means.