The International Association For Counterterrorism & Security Professionals (IACSP) was founded in 1992 to meet security challenges facing the world as it enters an era of globalization into the 21st century. IACSP believes that all elements of the world’s societies must become better educated about the threats of terrorism as a first step toward developing innovative and effective countermeasures to combat these ongoing threats. The IACSP is founded on the principle that a better informed society will result in a freer one.

The Journal of Counterterrorism and Security International is published by IACSP. With offices in the United States of America, South Africa, South America, The United Kingdom, and Australia, the IACSP is the only professional organization with a strong and growing membership base of security professionals actively working to combat World-Wide terrorism.

It’s flagship publication, The Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International is the most credible source of terrorism information in print today. Quoted by major news sources including members of congress, C-SPAN, Radio, Television and Newspaper journalists The Journal is always on the cutting edge of analysis and reporting.

IACSP membership is open to anyone with a sincere professional interest in understanding the security threat posed by terrorism and related conflicts. Our international members constitute a growing network of professionals, academics, former government officials, students and individual citizens from around the world. Click here to Join

All IACSP members currently receive an annual subscription to The Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security magazine, as well as our quarterly newsletter, Counterterrorism & Homeland Security Reports, a certificate of membership and membership card, Access to the members only sections of our website and notification of all upcoming IACSP events. In addition, all of our members receive advertising discounts in our membership newsletter (CTS Report).