Analytical Support

Analytical support is provided in response to specific Tasks or Research assignments by organisation’s that desire further information or intelligence on an issue, organisation or area of concern.

Analytical support extends to the application of traditional and developed methodologies utilised in conjunction with internationally recognised analytical software to add context and relevance to disparate information or complex datasets.

Threat Analysis

Threat analysis involves a detailed interrogation of information and/or intelligence stimulated by an upcoming event, international travel or issue of concern in order to accurately rate a threat and evaluate controlling measures to ensure cost effective and proportionate responses are implemented.

Investigation Support

Involves analytical and intelligence support to clients who are conducting enquiries or investigations into incidents or criminal activity suspected of being motivated by radical activism, politics, ethnicity, religion, radical dissension, hate or financial gain.

Profiling and Flow Charts

Involves the interrogation of holdings and open source avenues to assist clients in obtaining an overhead or detailed analysis of issues, organisation’s or incidents.

Link Analysis and Charting

Involves the visualisation of information to expose associations between entities. Using i2’s Analyst’s Notebook, provide a clear and concise view of complex datasets as either Link (associative) or Timeline (sequence) Charts.

Trend Analysis / Forecasting

Predicting future behaviour requires analysis of past events, incidents and activity. Trend analysis and forecasting focus on emerging patterns and trends in activism, politically motivated violence and related crime to assist clients with crime prevention, risk minimization, event management and response strategies.

Transactional Analysis

Involves the application of developed analytical techniques on data supplied by clients in order to demonstrate the sequence, volume and flow of commodity (i.e. currency, goods, phone calls or other form of communication) between entities. This analysis reveals and visualises the points of compromise hidden in data and highlights methodologies or event triggers. This analysis also visualises complex manoeuvres and irregularities in behaviours.